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Carzone Registration / Login form journey

The company did not gather accurate data regarding users engagement and time spent on registration form. They just noticed that only 1.8% of our users were able to finalize their registration form. Overall observation was that the whole page is outdated and registration form very cluttered and complicated.

My Role:

  • Planning and undertaking the User Research & Usability Studies.
  • Sketching design concepts & producing Wireframes
  • Developing & Validating interactive Prototypes
  • Testing and analyseing

Case study:

To better understand the process I went through the few competitor sites and run a series of interviews to analyse and observe where the problem is on Carzone login page.
My questions concentrated on understanding the login user flows, stakeholders goals and context of use.
How we could encourage our users to have account with the company but also give them a quick option to login.
This simple login flow prompts users to sign up via their social network — most commonly Facebook (plans to add more like Google or Twitter in the future). Getting into the website or an app immediately becomes extremely easy and is one reason why integrating social media is quickly becoming the norm.

First of all, I created user flow, it helped me to focus on creating quick paper mockups and gather the whole team to find the best solution.
After approval I created low fidelity mobile-first wireframes to focus mostly on the proper user journey rather than design.
At the moment this project is still in progress…

Quick Flow draft


After the user flow draft, I began with mobile first wireframes and after I was happy with the result I worked with desktop verion.

wireframes wireframes

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