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Carzone is Ireland’s trusted motoring marketplace, with thousands of vehicles for sale and all of the world’s leading car brands.
Valuations are powered by data from thousands of vehicles each day to get an accurate price that reflect the current market. This functionality is for free and can be done online in minutes.

“You can rely on us to give you an accurate valuation you can trust”


I was a UX/UI designer involved in the research, development of the new Valuation functionality within the Carzone Native App.


The largest challenge going into this project for our team was scope. With that in mind, we agreed the priority was to focus on basic usability that we knew would meet the users needs.

  • Establish trust and credibility through excellent service
  • Differentiate from competitors through innovation
  • Create more user friendly, accessible and clutter free experience
  • Minimise need for typing
  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Competitors research
  • UI Audit of existing software and compare with the mobile site
  • Usability testing

Based on my assumptions first of all I created a user flow by identifying the main flow that users would follow to navigate the app.

After conducting interviews with the stakeholders along with the competitors research analysis we found that there are few similar apps and website functionalities but they all offer very complex and in-depth solutions. This information helped us create the list of first requirements.

Our primary goal was to create an engaging user experience. Taking this into account, I created multiple wireframes of all of the screens to ensure it was clear where everything would be and how it would work before continuing the design. We tested the low fidelity prototype with a few users, that helped us put together the new user-flows and experiment with the layout.

Valuations wireframes

Our prototypes were crucial when fleshing out and establishing information architecture and the flow of user interaction. I worked very closely with the Dev team to make sure there are no constraints regarding this functionality.


Despite the close collaboration between design and dev team, there could have been more conversation at an early stage before the final designs. The Product Owner changed the concept a few times when the design was ready for final approval. This unnecessary approach changed the deadline and scope of the project.

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Valuation fighfidelity prototype designs

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