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MOVE was a transformative project for Retail inMotion to build upon the existing vPay payments gateway and develop a full-fledged and highly leveraged payments ecosystem.


I was Lead Product Designer involved in the research, development of the prototype, validation of concept and user testing as well as producing the designs for both the user flow and the overall look and feel of the SDK app and native app.


This was Retail inMotion's first direct-to-consumer but also the business-to-business product which places the end-user at the center of all functionality. There were some areas where Retail inMotion did not possess the in-depth knowledge to deliver a direct to end-consumer application.
The second major UX challenge was ensuring a simple and usable experience on every screen, striking this balance required multiple rounds of prototyping and revisions.

  • Disrupt the positioning of the Company and transform vPay from being a payments gateway into a full-fledged payments ecosystem
  • Differentiate from competitors through innovation
  • Establish trust and credibility through excellent service
  • Create a loyal customer base
  • Stakeholders Interview
  • Competitor and Market Research analysis
  • Persona
  • Journey Map
  • Experiment with Jobs To Be Done
  • Information Architecture
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Prototype

I started this project by doing some background secondary research, focusing on key statistics and facts on how many people using online/mobile payments solutions. During the secondary research phase, I also looked into the competitors benchmarking where I was able to gather all their strengths and weaknesses. Along with the information found in secondary research, I conducted a Stakeholders interview which helped me to create the Stakeholders Matrix to identify and analyze their needs.

To understand the essence of the whole experience from the user’s perspective, I invited a group of individuals to work on Journey Map based on the three assumption personas I created during my previous research.

We shared the knowledge across the team, we discovered pain points and problems, features and we also discussed solutions for those problems statements.

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I undertook several experiments, one of them was Jobs To Be Done. I thought it would be a great idea for the group to gather some key learnings and allow others to approach the potential change with an open mind of discovery.

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I created a user flow by identifying the main flow that users would follow to navigate the app. The user flow was based on the persona and journey map we discussed during the workshop.

Along with the research phase, I conducted the Design Thinking Workshop to ideate by solving the complex problems and find the desired solutions for the MVP. This method also helped us tackle the unknown problems. We had a lot of fun during this workshop, we had a few warmup exercises and everyone felt relaxed before kick-off.

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After all workshops, together with the Product Owner, we decided to create a very first high fidelity prototype where we carried the usability testing ( Corridor testing and Guerilla testing) research along with the consumer surveys. This research allowed RiM to refine the targeted population, engaged with a large number of prospective consumers and rapidly validate the product assumptions. It reduced the scope of the initial MVP and we were able to present this to the Customer.


The presentation was very well received by the customers, however, the whole concept was too innovative for them at the time, because they believed it was too early to engage directly with passengers.

I learned a lot during this project, all the workshops I conducted helped better understand the scope of the project along with the learning of the aviation businesses and all the challenges related to point of sale solutions.

Quick Flow draft

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